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Commercial Space Travel is a new industry aiming to bring the life-changing experience of space travel to the public. A trip that was previously reserved for only the most elite astronauts in the world who underwent years of torturous training, is becoming available to anyone who can get a ticket. Virgin Galactic is one of the first companies commercializing space travel as a tourist commodity, and the demand has been insane. They have reported over 700 registrations already with the first flights planned for 2023. Unfortunately, for a 90-minute space trip, the price for a single ticket begins at $450.000 - a price that prevents 99.9% of the world from being able to access these journeys.

The problems don’t quite stop there. With only a handful of seats available on a limited number of spaceships, wait times can lead up to years. In addition, passengers have to undergo basic astronaut training, most businesses are based out of the United States and service English speakers, and companies reserve the right to select who makes the journey. Clearly, the barriers to entry are high.

Space Coin Project is aiming to solve some of these problems by bringing decentralization and fair pricing, such that regular people can be a key part of the future of space flight. Through voting, staking, and other opportunities, anyone holding at least one SPJ will be in a position to afford space travel when it goes commercial. They will also be able to participate in the decision-making process for space travel services.

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