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SoonSwap is an NFT marketplace that operates in a decentralized manner, utilizing an AMM liquidity pool and order-book matching mechanism to facilitate the real-time circulation of more NFTs and enhance liquidity in the NFT market. The platform also prioritizes community involvement and leadership.

SoonSwap is giving away a total of 2.100.000 SOON tokens during their airdrop promo.

The top 1-200 will receive 2.000 SOON tokens each
The top 201-500 will receive 1.000 SOON tokens each
The top 501-2.000 will receive 400 SOON tokens each
The top 2.001-5.000 will receive 200 SOON tokens each
Below top 5.001 will receive 100 SOON tokens each for 2.000 random participants

2.100.000 SOONAllocated Token

Step by step guide

Visit SoonSwap's Airdrop Page and register with your details
Follow SoonSwap's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Submit your details to the airdrop page
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