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SocratesGPT represents a groundbreaking X-Gen AI engineered to enhance Web3 by delivering extensive tools and insights for market analysis, community engagement, content creation, and strategic decision-making.

The goal is to enhance the Web3 environment for retail users and startups through the development of AI-powered solutions tailored specifically for Web3. Ranging from LLMs to Web3 AI Tools, SocratesGPT stands as the premier destination to elevate the Web3 experience with Artificial Intelligence.

SocratesGPT has launched an airdrop campaign featuring a total pool of $130.000 worth of SGX tokens. Complete the designated tasks and share your referral link to ascend the leaderboard and win up to 5.000 SGX tokens.

Please note:
In order to be whitelisted, users need to undergo KYC verification. Only those inviters and referrals that have undergone KYC will be counted.

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Step by step guide

Visit SocratesGPT's Airdrop Page and register with your email address
Follow SocratesGPT's X Page, like and share the pinned post
Share your referral link to increase your rank
If you want to receive the latest airdrops and updates, you can follow us on X, Telegram or Facebook.

socratesgptsocratesgpt Thank you all for joining our community. You are the best! Fasten your seat belts. We're taking off.
01 Jul, 2024, 08:26
jane tayojane tayo hello everyone not yet get coin too
30 Jun, 2024, 18:54
socratesgptsocratesgpt Hey Jane! SocratesGPT just started the Airdrop campaign and the distribution date is September 30th. Thank you for your trust
pirdeposppirdeposp i'm with you
28 Jun, 2024, 09:11
kauakaua muito boa, gostei
28 Jun, 2024, 01:17
socratesgptsocratesgpt Thanks for the feedback. Our team appreciates it.
atalongatalong not have get coin
25 Jun, 2024, 19:04
socratesgptsocratesgpt Hello there! SocratesGPT just started the Airdrop campaign and the distribution date is September 30th. Welcome aboard!