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BTC $10.055,36 0.37% ETH $209,15 -3.26% EOS $3,80 -4.79% XLM $0,06620 -7.99% NEO $9,09 -3.87% WAVES $1,03 0.81%
SocialGood Project is a proven project with achievements based on the foundation of 13 years worth of business assets from the FinTech group company established in 2005. It's the world’s largest shopping network utilizing blockchain, providing the “lowest prices” and “largest product line-up” to smartphone users worldwide. When shopping at partner sites such as 'Lazada', 'Flipkart' or 'eBay', you can get up to 20% cash back for free with SocialGood tokens (SG: DigitalGold). Plus, a portion of your purchase amount will automatically be donated to social contribution organizations.
Total Supply:210.000.000
Circ. Supply:17.727.258

ICO Price:10 USD
× SocialGood Airdrop Airdrop is closed for now!
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Value $1 Token 0,10 SG Payout 2019-09-30 Proof 75%


SocialGood Airdrop airdrops 0,10 SG tokens (~$1) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit SocialGood Airdrop's Airdrop Page
  2. Scroll down and submit your email address to Sign up.
  3. Check your Mailbox & Click on 'Get Airdrop Now' at the bottom of the email. 
  4. Submit your Ethereum ERC-20 compatible wallet address to the SocialGood Airdrop form. You must access the Airdrop form via the email you received.
  5. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group & Twitter Channel (optional)
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    22 Sep, 2019, 23:54

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