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  • Total Supply5.317.590.000
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  • 24h Volume $27.024.200
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Decentralized networks allow for a new wave of business models and organizational structures to come to light. Their potential for societal and business impact has been well documented as have their shortcomings with regards to performance, usability, and cost-effectiveness. The SKALE Network has been designed with the goal of resolving the technical scalability, user experience, and cost issues affiliated with decentralized networks such as Ethereum. In addition, SKALE is designed to bring application-specific architecture to developers resulting in enhanced configurability and modularity.

SKALE proposes a decentralized, configurable network of on-demand blockchains that support high-throughput, low-cost, and low-latency transactions enabled with storage capabilities and advanced analytics. Additionally, SKALE proposes messaging protocols that enable participants to communicate between these disparate systems.

This system aims to provide Ethereum-as-a-Service to developers by providing a gasless subscription-based a decentralized network for the provisioning and deployment of high-throughput, EVM-compatible, storage-enabled, provably secure byzantine fault-tolerant blockchains.

The primary use for these blockchains is Ethereum-compatible elastic sidechains. Each proof-of-stake sidechain is highly configurable, comprised of nodes that stake SKL tokens on the Ethereum main net, and leverages an asynchronous byzantine fault-tolerant protocol for its consensus mechanism.

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