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BTC $8.709,34 -1.11% ETH $185,92 -1.21% EOS $3,41 -1.78% NEO $12,70 -2.96%
SGAT is one of the first decentralized smart-contracts and blockchain-based platform. While focusing on enhanced privacy and maintaining the transparency and security of our blockchain, we offer comprehensive and tailor-made transactions. Our ambition is to offer innovative smart-contracts solutions adapted to the challenges of today’s industries.
Total Supply:30.120.000
ICO Price:1.20 USD
× SGAT Airdrop is closed for now!
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Value $3,60 Token 3 SGAT Referral 0.5 SGAT Proof 100% REAL!

CLOSED EASY Limited to 20.000 User

SGAT is airdropping up to 3 SGAT tokens.

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    14 Nov, 2019, 23:06

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