Sei (SEI)
  • BlockchainOWN
  • Coingecko Rank#79
  • Total Supply10.00 billion
  • Circ. Supply3.05 billion
  • Market Cap$952.380.800
  • 24h Volume $100.039.000
SEI Price
The Sei airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Sei Airdrop

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Sei Network is the first order book-specific L1 blockchain. It is built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint core and features a built-in central limit order book (CLOB) module. Decentralized applications building on Sei can build on top of the CLOB, and other Cosmos-based blockchains can leverage Sei’s CLOB as a shared liquidity hub and create markets for any asset.

Sei will be airdropping 1% of the total supply to testnet participants.
Act 4 is active at the moment and we would like to talk about a few of the possible tasks.
Collect points - the more points, the more tokens.

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Sei (SEI) Update21 Aug, 2023

Step by step guide

Register for testnet activities with this form
Intended Moniker = your nickname
Pre Tasks:
- Get the Keplr browser extension and create a wallet
- Connect your Keplr wallet to Vortex exchange and change the used network to Sei Testnet
- Join Sei's Discord Channel
- Get SEI and UST2 via Discord Faucet
Go to atlantic-1-faucet channel and enter the following text:
!faucet yourSEIwalletaddress
!faucet ust2 yourSEIwalletaddress
Testnet Tasks:
Place limit/market orders on Vortex (long or short in any market) - up to 5 submissions per day
- Place a limit order on Vortex and note your txhash from the explorer
- Place a market order on Vortex and note your txhash from the explorer
Upload a screenshot of your Vortex trades, including your SEI wallet address to Imgur (Example)
Every completed testnet task needs to be submitted via this form (you can submit up to 5 txhashes per day - bundled, or single)
Proof of completion = Your txhash/txhashes
Proof of completion (Screenshot) = Screenshot of your Vortex trades
Referral Tasks:
If you like to share the tasks with your friends, the wallet information needs to be added to the form (using "Refer a friend to sign up on Sei") to get rewarded
You need to fill in your data, including:
- Grandparent: yourSEIwalletaddress
- Parent: yourSEIwalletaddress
- Child: yourfriendsSEIwalletaddress
Your friend needs to fill out the form, including:
- Grandparent: yourSEIwalletaddress
Parent: yourfriendsSEIwalletaddress
KYC will be required to claim the tokens after the launch
The official announcement can be found here
The official testnet tasks can be found here



Sei (SEI) Update21 Aug, 2023
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Mandelord Mandelord <p>Wow this project seem super cool, going to finish all of this tasks soon</p>
18 Feb, 2023, 22:14