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  • 24h Volume $41.236.500
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Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) are the killer app of crypto. They are everywhere, spanning much further than just AMMs and order books. DEXes are just as prevalent across NFTs and gaming as well. One of the primary use cases of NFTs today is trading them on an NFT marketplace, another example of an exchange. Most games in crypto have built-in exchanges for users to trade the in-game NFTs and tokens. DEXes command the largest network effect, and major ecosystems get built around them.

Ironically, decentralized exchanges are also the most underserved application in crypto. They demand a unique level of requirements for reliability, scalability, and speed that no other apps need. If a large exchange goes down for a few moments it’s catastrophic, but the same downtime is far more tolerable for most other application types. Historically, DEXes have succeeded in spite of the drawbacks of existing Layer 1 blockchains.

Sei is the first sector-specific Layer 1 blockchain, specialized for trading. Every aspect of the blockchain has been optimized to help exchanges run better and offer the best UX for their end users.
- Native order matching engine - drives scalability of order book DEXs built on Sei
- Breaking Tendermint - Sei is the fastest chain to finality at ~600ms
- Twin-turbo consensus - improves latency and throughput
- Frontrunning protection - combats malicious frontrunning that is rampant in other ecosystems
- Market-based parallelization - specialized parallelization for DeFi

The combination of these optimizations makes it possible for new types of financial products to emerge—everything ranging from live sports betting to complex options and futures.

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