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Scratch Engine Airdrop

  Listed on Coingecko
  • Paid out
  • Payout 2022-05-11

The Scratch Engine leverages multiple public tools, utilities, as well as, transactional history, and consolidates it into a single simple-to-use interface.

Scratch Engine is giving away a total of 7.500 USDC tokens during their Airdrop Promo.
In addition, 250 randomly picked participants will receive 25 USDC each.

Referral rewards:
750 USDC for the TOP 1 referral
350 USDC for the TOP 2 referral
150 USDC for the TOP 3 referral

7.500 USDCAllocated Token
Ethereum Blockchain

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mdamin1234mdamin1234 good job for airdrops
23 Apr, 2022, 00:19
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10 Apr, 2022, 22:49
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