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BTC $11.047,10 2.86% ETH $310,38 1.65% EOS $7,28 1.39% XLM $0,12826 1.29% NEO $17,97 8.02% WAVES $2,36 1.23%
Virtual Economy Era (VEE) is a blockchain database cloud that aims to create a brand new digital economy era. It is the world's first object-oriented general purpose distributed database, which is empowered to carry complex decentralized applications.
в целом:7.599.000.000
Цена ICO:0.066 USD
× V SYSTEMS has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Значение $4,95 Token 75 VSYS Направления 15 VSYS выплата 2019-03-20 доказательство 75%

оплаченный ЛЕГКО Ограничено 10.000 User

V SYSTEMS раздает 75 VSYS (~$4,95) участникам, решая эти простые задачи:

Пошаговое руководство

  1. Посещение V SYSTEMS's Airdrop Страница
  2. Присоединяйтесь к телеграмме V SYSTEMS's Telegram Канал
  3. Join Airdrops.io Telegram
  4. Следуйте по ссылке V SYSTEMS's Twitter Страница (minimum 100 followers needed, account must have been created before November 2018)
  5. Follow Airdrops.io on Twitter
  6. Create a V SYSTEM's wallet here
  7. Answer the question correct
  8. Отправьте свои данные в форму Airdrop.
  9. Присоединиться к группе телеграмм AirdropBob & Twitter AirdropBob's (необязательно)

Update: VEE rebranded to V SYSTEMS on 2019-01-11. All claims and generated wallet addresses are still valid and can be accessed using your recovery seed from here.

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