StormGain (USDT)

StormGain is a crypto trading platform for everyone. It’s an on-hand solution for those who want to profit from either the growth or drop of the cryptocurrency market and from long-term investments in crypto assets.

Available on any device, StormGain allows you to start trading the most popular and most capitalised coins with a multiplier of up to 200x, or you can just buy and hodl crypto.

  • PlatformOTHER
  • CMC Rank#3
  • Total Supply10.166.574.840
  • Circ. Supply16.500.461.568
  • Market Cap$16.490.643.793
  • 24h Volume $30.659.516.939
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The StormGain airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
Did you miss this opportunity? No problem, there are many more airdrops on our platform.


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  • Аусбезальт

StormGain airdrops 25 USDT tokens (~$24,99) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

(Distribution within some hours)

Update 02th February 2020:
Due high traffic, it is taking longer (in our case ~24H)

Please note: 
StormGain don't accept traffic from the USA, Canada, Japan, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Lao PDR, Yemen, Vanuatu, Uganda, Syria, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Iran and North Korea.

25 USDTТокен
- Рекомендация
OTHER Платформа

Пошаговое руководство

Register for the StormGain Airdrop.
(Use the promo code "PROMO25")
Login and verify you email and phone number. ("Profile Settings")
Start trading and take your profit whenever you like. Everything you make is yours to keep.
Присоединиться к группе телеграмм AirdropBob & Twitter AirdropBob's (необязательно)


addiebonker This is no longer active... I didn't get the reward, so I chatted their support. This was the answer: "ALL THE PROMO 25 USDT ARE SOLD OUT 7000+ customers 29000+ bonuses were provided 10000+ profits Thank you for your interest! Don’t forget to follow us to stay updated regarding our next raffles and news!"
10 Feb, 2020, 10:54
M3Br0wn [Admin]

Status has been changed to Closed / Paid out. Thanks for information!

Richie [Admin]Thanks for the update!
Jesús Beltrán PROMO25 or "PROMO25"?
07 Feb, 2020, 21:15
M3Br0wn [Admin]PROMO25
Adrian Antek after what time will I receive the bonus? I already have a demo account and not a real one
07 Feb, 2020, 10:44
M3Br0wn [Admin]

Due high traffic, it is taking longer (in our case ~24H)
Please note: This airdrop is only for new registrations.

imyvettechaii How to get the bonus?
06 Feb, 2020, 16:58
Richie [Admin]You should find the 25 USDT in your wallet, but you have to trade/invest them. Take your profits whenever you like. Everything you make is yours to keep.
Daniel Garcia Fuentes The minimum for withdraw is 50 USDT no?
06 Feb, 2020, 00:06
M3Br0wn [Admin]This amount was mentioned in the official Telegram group.
Daniel Garcia Fuentes Can I send the money I earned in StormGain to Coinbase? Thank u!
05 Feb, 2020, 12:56
Richie [Admin]Of course you can!
Gaditana28 I have the 25 bonus but I don't know how much I have to invest to withdraw them, I found a bitcoin euro and it doesn't appear anywhere
04 Feb, 2020, 18:37

I can see what I got but I don't know how to get the bonus or pass it to another currency

M3Br0wn [Admin]As mentioned: Start trading and take your profit whenever you like. Everything you make is yours to keep.
Dropfolio I have got the bonus of 25 USDT and trying to make some profit to withdraw some amount of USDT.I will try to share my experience.
04 Feb, 2020, 14:48
Richie [Admin]It worked fine for us. Wish you all the best!

How many hours do we have to wait for it? Please suggest?

02 Feb, 2020, 21:50
M3Br0wn [Admin]Due high traffic, it is taking longer (in our case ~24H)