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P2PS Price (P2PS)
The P2PS airdrop is unfortunately over.
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P2PS is the world's first blockchain-powered, secure, pure peer to peer, interference-free, digital communications platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital data such as private data, medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent.

P2PS airdrops 500 P2PS tokens (~$4.485,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks.

Update 14.08.2019
Airdrop Rewards has been reduced as described in this Bitcointalk thread. (Airdrop informations updated)
Please note rewards will further decrease when we reach 50000 members in the group.

500,00 P2PSТокен
50,00 P2PSРекомендация
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Как средняя страница P2PS's Учетная запись Facebook, recommend and review the page with the comment. Share the pinned post  (mandatory)
You will get 300 P2Ps for all mandatory tasks.
Следуйте по ссылке P2PS's Reddit Канал and upvote 5 posts & make 5 comments. (+100 P2PS, optional)
Следуйте по ссылке P2PS's Linkedin Страница and share+like the last post (+100 P2PS, optional)
Отправьте свои данные боту.
For every referral you will get 50 P2PS tokens
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M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]Airdrop Rewards has been reduced. (check the linked Bitcointalk thread) Airdrop information has been updated.
14 Aug, 2019, 10:41
PunitPunit Please stop making false claims you liars they are just giving 1400 tokens not 2500 (without referral.) So please do not miss guide people
14 Aug, 2019, 10:09