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BTC $10.269,21 -0.08% ETH $210,53 7.11% EOS $4,17 2.32% XLM $0,06409 9.3% NEO $9,68 6.8% WAVES $1,11 4.52%
CINDX provides a platform that allows investor to choose a manager for his or her portfolio and securely trade cryptocurrencies, for a reasonable success fee. Using CINDX, investors can now access a range of verifiable, transparent statistics pertaining to individual managers in order to choose a suitable trading strategy. Investors don't have to transfer assets to the platform and charged only with success fee. Proficient managers get rewards and higher success fee rate. vendors provided with SDK to build trading and analytical products and marketplace to sell them without transferring code behind the product.
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Token ? CINX выплата 2019-12-31 доказательство 75%


CINDX is airdropping $30000 worth CINX tokens to its community members. (Every participant will get 7$ worth CINX tokens)

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