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BTC $7.603,59 -3.83% ETH $236,69 -7.12% EOS $5,86 -6.09% XLM $0,12191 -7.66% NEO $11,04 -8.12% WAVES $2,36 -5.34%
Bela’s mission and function are designed to use the powers of community and user-friendliness to reach widespread adoption. For example, new features like StakeShare allow stakers to automatically split their earned Bela with another address of their choice. This is great way to provide ongoing support to a Belacam content creator, family member, or friend—all while not spending anymore of your own money. StakeShare in combination with Belacam is just one way that Bela will be useful and valuable to users both tech savvy and not.
CMC Rank:#828

Total Supply:48.630.936

Market Cap:$1.064.041
24h Volume:$15.383

-24.15% (24h) ● 16.42% (7d)

Значение $0,54 Token 21 BELA Направления 10 BELA выплата 2019-08-30 доказательство 100% REAL!

ACTIVE ЛЕГКО 37 осталось дней

Belacam раздает 21 BELA (~$0,54) участникам, решая эти простые задачи:

Пошаговое руководство

  1. Register on Belacam's Website
  2. Verify your mail and login (+15)
  3. Scroll down and click "Verify your identity and earn free Bela"
  4. Verify your phone number
  5. Post a photo, give someone a like and set a new profile picture. (+6)
  6. Присоединиться к группе телеграмм AirdropBob (необязательно)
  7. Следуйте по каналу Twitter AirdropBob's (необязательно)

You can earn min. 10 and max. 25 BELA / referral.

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