Ritestream (RITE)
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Ritestream Airdrop

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Ritestream is the platform for the creation and monetization of film and tv NFTs created by all rites. This is a revolutionary concept in the film and tv industry where content has historically only been licensed for certain territories and platforms. With Ritestream, an NFT owner can choose to sell the NFT in its entirety such that the new owner will benefit from future revenues generated by the NFT. The Ritestream platform therefore completely democratizes content.

Ritestream is giving away a total of $20.000 worth of RITE tokens during their Airdrop!
$18.500 worth of RITE tokens will be shared among 2.000 winning participants.
$1.500 worth of RITE tokens will be distributed among the TOP points earning participants.

444.444,44 RITEAllocated Token
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Ritestream (RITE) Update21 Apr, 2022

Step by step guide

Visit Ritestream's Airdrop Page
Join Ritestream's Telegram Announcement Channel
Follow Ritestream's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet.
Join Ritestream's Discord Channel and verify yourself.
Submit your details to the airdrop page.



Ritestream (RITE) Update21 Apr, 2022
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