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For a $300 billion-dollar industry, that is expected to keep growing, it is inexcusable that we hear nothing but grievances, complaints, and problems on a wholesale basis from governments, riders, and especially drivers.

Some common issues that plague the industry include: (1) The passenger safety and security being compromised and threatened, mostly resulting in bodily harm and tragic deaths. (2) Drivers being forced to drive more and receive less and less earnings that are too low for them to make ends meet, inevitably damaging morale and resulting in them feeling hopeless and desperate, and in some cases even pushing them to tragically take their own lives. (3) Drivers being denied the tools and information they need for optimal choices to make regarding insurances, accounting and general safety.

Ultimately this trend of drivers making less and less while passengers are paying more and more not only prevents a sustainable workforce in this economy, but also causes consequential damages to it. As it stands today, neither the drivers nor riders will ever triumph. The only winners are present day Central Coordinators (such as Uber, Lyft, etc.) who outdated business strategies result in perpetual fundraising from their investors and claiming constant negative revenues every year. To make matters even more daunting, these same central coordinators are determined on carrying out their implementation plans of automation to this industry. This will inevitably eliminate the need for drivers among other serious consequences. These reckless objectives are possible due to centralized nature of these coordinators in this industry.