Once in a while, a new blockchain comes to the market promising something exciting, either an improvement in performance or new capabilities. Together with it, a new token will be sold to you so you can utilize the new capabilities. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, the new token brings all the new problems with it, and it will take serious effort to market the new token, at the same time putting the early investor at risk because the new token value may very well go to zero.

Remitano Network is designed with such problem awareness from the beginning. The network is designed so that it is possible to add new capabilities and leverage the latest exciting technology in the blockchain space to the network without the need to introduce a new token.

Remitano Network is not a single blockchain, rather it is a set of blockchains designed to be interchangeable from the beginning. The initial network will be a simple value transfer one, similar to bitcoin, litecoin but with faster block time and more efficient consensus protocol. Then they will add a token decentralized exchange to the network, then the decentralized fiat-token escrow, and last, a full ledge smart contract platform. As they discover new technologies in the blockchain space, they will add them to the Remitano Network, so with the RENEC token, investors should have the ability to transact quickly, exchange cheaply, escrow reliably, and perform sophisticated smart contracts.

Airdrops by Remitano Network