ReiGroup will leverage our unique blend of proven strategies and radical innovation in the field of VaaS. The goal is to achieve consistent market-leading investment returns on our treasury investments while expanding the ReiClub ecosystem.

Their strategy aims to create long-term sustainability and bring utility to our NFTs, thus solving the major problems in the current DeFi market.
- Sustainable model – Sustainability is a frequent problem most DeFi projects fail to maintain. We have solved this with our tokenomics and operating model, which has undergone extensive quantitative analysis and testing to ensure this.
- No locked investment capital – When investing in DeFi projects, your initial funds are typically locked forever. With ReiClub and the utilization of NFTs, investors will have access to all their initial invested capital from DAY ONE. ReiClub NFTs payout daily rewards in the form of Stable Coin tokens. The NFTs can be sold at any time on the NFT marketplace, for their full value.

Airdrops by ReiGroup