• PlatformERC20
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  • Total Supply4.000.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
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  • 24h Volume $10.258

Ever since we first started manufacturing, we’ve been aware of the huge issues with plastic waste and its environmental impact. From then on, we’ve decided to start researching materials which would allow for easy recycling and, most of all, a circular flow of raw materials in nature. It is undeniable that life on the planet is directly tied to the circulation of energy and materials. All processes which are not a part of the Earth’s circular flow process are destroying our planet at a high speed. We started an intense research of materials and how they are made, and our research department has developed a unique combination of materials which will allow the resulting material to break down in nature. This material is made from renewable resources which will break down completely in nature, with no trace and in a very short time.(in a matter of months instead of hundreds of years) The material breaks down with the help of ever-present bacteria. It dissolves in water and disintegrates in the sunlight. The process is very similar to the decomposition of trees in nature. The entire project related to the production and distribution of naturally decomposing materials is called REFORK.