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Quasar Airdrop

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Quasar is a decentralized application chain that allows managing interchain digital assets. These assets can be digital certificates, authentication codes, and fungible or non-fungible tokens. Users can perform various management functions like saving, co-managing, crowdsourcing, or crowdlending.

Quasar provides a transparent, secure, and controllable platform to construct management containers (vaults) for general purposes.

Quasar is all set to launch its main net on March 23rd.
They will introduce their native token "QSR" and early testnet users will get rewarded via an airdrop.
Join the testnet now and complete the tasks mentioned to receive free QSR tokens.

- QSRToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Visit the Quasar testnet page
Connect your Keplr wallet
Change the network to Quasar Testnet and get some testnet tokens via the different faucet options
Switch to the "Explore vault" section and bond some testnet tokens via "Bond", which can be done multiple times
The official announcement can be found here
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