Prometheus (PRO)
  • BlockchainEthereum
  • Total Supply200.000.000
  • Circ. Supply140.000.000
PRO Price
0.1 USD
0.00000308 BTC
The Prometheus airdrop is unfortunately over.
If you want to receive updates, don't forget to favor the Airdrop.


  • Closed

Prometheus is a platform that will enable the integration with the business process and the blockchain, that will help global adoption and implementation of the blockchain technology.

Prometheus airdrops 130 PRO token (~$13,00) to their airdrop participants for the following simple tasks. They also offer a referral program where you can earn additional PRO.

130 PROToken
30 PROReferral
Ethereum Blockchain
sergio zanfardinosergio zanfardino

How soon will I get paid?

07 Oct, 2020, 12:54
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]

Airdrop status has been changed to closed because there are no project updates and no social media activity for quite a while.
We will delist the project if there is no change in the next weeks.

Bangyos82Bangyos82 Apakah airdrop ini masih aktif.?
09 Jun, 2020, 10:55
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]Ya, harus tetap aktif.
UiliamUiliam qual carteira devo usar? tipo eu sei que e ETH porém nao sei se a minha carteira aceita tokens,tem alguma dica de qual carteira usar para receber os Tokens?
22 Dec, 2019, 21:53
FrostyzFrostyz [Admin]Você pode usar qualquer carteira ETH, onde você tem a chave privada. Não se esqueça - Por favor, só partilhe a sua chave pública com outras pessoas.
aladino84aladino84 hola .he echo todos los pasaso pero no me han enviado los tokens.cuando se destrebuyen??
18 Nov, 2019, 19:34
RichieRichie [Admin]Tokens should be distributed soon. Please keep us updated if you have not received any within the upcoming two weeks.