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  • Total Supply750.000.000
  • Circ. Supply550.000.000
  • Market Cap$6.776.715
  • 24h Volume $120.907
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Presearch stands as a decentralized, community-driven search engine, offering enhanced search results while safeguarding user privacy and providing rewards for searches.

The belief is that challenging the dominant, centralized search monopoly is best achieved through a collaborative, worldwide effort to develop an open, decentralized search engine.

Distinctive Features:
- Community Involvement: The project encourages community engagement through Presearch chat groups, contributions to the open source code repository, or by simply using or promoting Presearch to increase usage and awareness.
- Decentralized Structure: Presearch is on the brink of launching its inaugural decentralized technology – a novel search engine experience powered by node servers managed by the Presearch community.
- Superior Search Outcomes: The Presearch Engine rivals top global search engines in quality, enriched further by community packages that enhance these results. For instance, searching for “Bitcoin” on Presearch demonstrates the capabilities of the crypto package. A user-curated supplementary index will provide additional results over time.
- Privacy Protection: Beyond improved results, Presearch prioritizes user privacy by not tracking or storing search data, with queries processed through a decentralized network of nodes handling anonymized data.
- Token Rewards: Community members earn Presearch tokens for searching, staking, operating a node, or referring new members. The project's evolution will introduce more reward opportunities.
- Innovative Advertising Approach: Presearch is committed to delivering a rewarding search experience to users while creating substantial value for marketers targeting Presearch users. Advertisers can stake PRE tokens on keywords, with the highest bidder’s ads appearing for relevant searches. Advertiser success, a key contributor to PRE's external value, is vital for the ecosystem's health.