Polyhedra Network

Polyhedra Network Airdrop

  • Active
  • 6 days left
  • Payout 2024-04-19

Polyhedra Network is crafting the upcoming generation of infrastructure aimed at enhancing Web3's interoperability, scalability, and privacy, utilizing sophisticated Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. The network offers solutions that are both trustless and highly efficient for the transfer of assets, communication of messages, and exchange of data across diverse Web2 and Web3 systems.

Polyhedra Network has officially announced an airdrop for a diverse range of users. Eligible recipients include zkBridge users, Pandra King Holders, zkBridge Loyalty Points holders on Galxe, and participants in other campaigns. Their eligibility is determined based on a snapshot taken on 12th March 2024.

- ZKToken
- Referral

Step by step guide

Snapshot date: 12th March 2024
Binance Web3 Wallet participants are also eligible
Eligible users have until April 19th, 2024, to claim the allocated tokens
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