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BTC $8.020,47 -2.27% ETH $175,40 -2.86% EOS $2,92 -1.83% NEO $6,97 -5.33%
Total Supply:200.000.000
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Price:0.50

PodMiners (POMT)

Aiming to provide opportunity for creators to showcase their talent PodMiners wish to keep it free forever. Yes you heard it right! Making podcasting and radio streaming free is going to add variety to our platform that will provide our listeners with better content and more options to consume information. PodMiners is built to provide a better user experience by solving the major existing issues in podcast industry. To access the services, you don't need to be a master of podcasting. We've kept everything simple so that even the beginners can access the services easily. We've designed PodMiners with love. Our product team is always working on improvements & making it better everyday.
Currently we have 1 Airdrop of PodMiners listed.

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