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BTC $4.023,97 -0.09% ETH $137,47 -0.34% EOS $3,65 -0.78% XLM $0,10685 -0.91% NEO $9,21 -1.31% WAVES $2,76 -1.24%
Plutux is a cryptocurrency exchange that empowers traders with customizable, user friendly advance trading features in a mobile centric, gamified and ethical environment.
Plutux will also develop a protocol for the tokenization and trading of private securities upon obtaining relevant regulatory licenses.
Total Supply:?

× Plutux Airdrop is closed for now!
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Proof 100% REAL!


Plutux have published a bounty campaign were you are able to earn Shards (4 Shards = 1 TUSD) for doing simple tasks.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on Plutux's Website
  2. There are 5 different ways to earn Shards (4 Shards = 1 TUSD)
    1. Bullrun Game - Play their Game and reach a high Point Score (Up to 10 shards per week)
    2. Twitter Bounty Campaign (weekly)
    3. Facebook Bounty Campaign (weekly)
    4. Telegram Bounty Campaign (weekly)
    5. Weekly Total Score
  3. Referrer Users to get more Rewards
  4. Do KYC to get the highest amount of rewards
  5. Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group (optional)
  6. Follow AirdropBob's Twitter Channel (optional)


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