• PlatformERC20
  • Total Supply1.000.000.000
  • Circ. SupplyN/A
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Platin is a lightweight, secure, verifiable, decentralized and blockchain agnostic Proof of Location (PoL) protocol that finally makes cryptocurrency so real that you can see, feel and touch it.

To achieve that, Platin decentralizes the location services marketplace with secure location capabilities and proof verification for any digital asset such as cryptocurrencies and secure documents fueled by Platin›s own PTN coin. Platin makes available to businesses worldwide its secure, decentralized and incentivized peer-to-peer location protocol.

Platin’s architecture uses decentralized peer-to-peer protocol for location-centered operations. Platin provides GIS extensions to well known blockchains , including Ethereum/Solidity, EOS and others. These extensions can be used by developers to request and define secure location proofs on the blockchain.

The Platin Plexus™ is scalable and robust, providing pluggable and modular security that evolves over time as needs arise. Platin’s Proof of Location protocol has the potential to transform every industry, from retail to ride-sharing and from supply chains to the disintermediation of large scale international humanitarian relief efforts.