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  • Payout 2022-11-07

Pixels is a captivating, open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Gathering resources, advancing skills, and building relationships while exploring the story and quests woven throughout the Pixels Universe, you’ll be submerged in a mesmerizing blend of managing, creating, and exploring in a world that marries blockchain ownership with your progression and accomplishments. Pixels aims to create a fun, easy-going, blockchain-backed game.

They believe that Pixels will be the gateway for millions into web3.

In October Pixels is releasing their blockchain-backed beta and 2 tokens - BERRY & PIXEL - in one of the most complex airdrops ever coordinated.
Only 20.000 wallets will make it. Will you?

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Step by step guide

Visit Pixels's Airdrop Page and connect your ETH wallet
Visit the Premint page and register your wallet, Twitter, and Discord account
Click on "Play now" and get badges for playing the game and completing tasks
Play the game by 31st October to earn badges and Airdrop points
The official Twitter announcement can be found here
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