The project features deep gameplay and good-quality graphics, and thanks to blockchain technology, it allows the player to own characters, items, ships, and lands obtained in the game. In this way, players participate in the continuous development of the Pirates of the Arrland’s Metaverse.

Players with different preferences can meet with each other, form alliances, influence each other and trade. The value of tradable items is determined by the common rules of the ecosystem, and the price is regulated by supply and demand.

Diverse types of gameplays, providing a great deal of enjoyment shown to the players in an attractive environment created on the basis of the Unity 2021 HDRP engine in one ecosystem, solve the problem of the lack of players at the current stage of the crypto gaming industry development. In addition, many of the features present in the game are aimed at traditional players, which will multiply the effect of scale.

The Pirates of the Arrland game is a 3D game set in the authorial world of Pirates of the Arrland.

Airdrops by Pirates of the Arrland