The Partisia Blockchain airdrop is unfortunately over.
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Partisia Blockchain Airdrop

  • Closed

Partisia Blockchain empowers users to perform complex computations on diverse data types while maintaining absolute data privacy at every stage—whether data is at rest, in transit, or actively in use.

It encompasses a comprehensive suite of attributes, encompassing trust, transparency, privacy, and near-instantaneous transaction finalization. This groundbreaking technology redefines our conventional understanding of privacy and scalability within the blockchain sphere.

Partisia Blockchain is distributing a generous allocation of 25 million MPC tokens to those who participate in the airdrop initiative. To partake in this offer, simply link your Partisia or Metamask wallet, bridge your tokens, and actively engage with the blockchain to secure your portion of the airdropped tokens.

25.000.000 MPCAllocated Token
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Step by step guide

Visit Partisia Blockchain's Airdrop Page and connect your preferred wallet
Dive into the Partisia Blockchain Ecosystem and meet the qualification requirements that include on-chain transactions, gas consumption, contract deployment, and domain name creation on Meta Names
The official announcement including all related information can be found here
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