Osean DAO
The Osean DAO airdrop is unfortunately over.
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Osean DAO Airdrop

  • Closed
  • Payout 2023-06-05

Osean DAO is a structured group with the purpose of investing in the Yacht Market and Yacht Charter sector.

Its main objective is to provide investors with an affordable way to enter the industry by creating tokens for professional yachts. These tokens will then be utilized to generate income through the commercial use of the yachts.

Osean DAO is airdropping 10.000.000 OSEAN tokens (1% of the total supply) to participants for completing listed tasks.

10.000.000 OSEANAllocated Token
- Referral System

Step by step guide

Visit Osean DAO's Airdrop Page and register with your details
Follow Osean DAO's Twitter Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Submit your details to the airdrop page
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mungi1969mungi1969 You are presenting all connected with Gleam. From this, I never got a single airdrop benefit. All the airdrops you have are useless. In Gleam, I have more than 500 entries and completed all required tasks, but I got nothing
11 May, 2023, 14:05
M3Br0wnM3Br0wn [Admin]Most of the time it is and remains a lottery, with a defined number of winners. This specific one is rewarding all participants, so you should get your share.