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  • CMC Rank#95
  • Total Supply21.000.000
  • Circ. Supply21.000.000
  • Market Cap$1.040.550.000
  • 24h Volume $173.588.000
ORDI Price
$ -1,0969

    Ordinals present an innovative initiative that introduces a fresh approach to numbering satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, enabling the distinct tracking and transfer of individual SATs. This novel numbering system relies on the sequential order in which satoshis are mined and transferred, hence earning the moniker "ordinals."

    The project encompasses various components, including a BIP that outlines the scheme, an index to monitor the whereabouts of satoshis, an Ordinals wallet designed for transactions that are mindful of the ordinal system, a block explorer, and features enabling the inclusion of digital artifacts in satoshis.

    Moreover, the ecosystem provides a hierarchy of rarity levels, determined by periodic events within the Bitcoin network, such as blocks, difficulty adjustments, halvings, and cycles, which can be denoted through degree notation.

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