The Erosion Bird, initially known as the Opium Bird and also referred to as the Meme from 2027 or the 2027 Bird, is a term for an AI-generated image that features a massive bird-like entity perched atop a snow-clad mountain. This avian figure, towering over humans in size, gained widespread attention on TikTok in September 2023, echoing the viral trend of the fictional creature Siren Head. It became a staple in TikTok's AI-generated art scene.

The moniker "Opium Bird" was inspired by the Opium record label. The creature's fur texture bears a resemblance to the style of clothing often sported by artists associated with the label. A recurring theme in the TikTok videos showcasing the Erosion Bird is the use of the phrase "Calm Luh Fit," often featured in the captions.