OpenSea was built to serve a range of users – super fans, avid collectors, and crypto n00bs alike.

OpenSea Pro, on the other hand, exists primarily to serve the power user community, which represents an important part of today’s ecosystem. Different users have different needs, and moving forward, OpenSea’s platforms will reflect the needs of these distinct user segments in our user interfaces, features, and fee structures.

To that end, you can list on OpenSea with 0% fees through OpenSea Pro (which has no additional fees) for a promotional period – and fees on OpenSea will return to our standard 2.5% (learn more here). And in the long run, as OpenSea Pro serves more advanced power users, they'll focus the OpenSea roadmap on improved discovery, simpler onboarding, more mainstream payment options, and greater investment in creator tools (including Drops).

Airdrops by OpenSea Pro