• BlockchainEthereum
  • CMC Rank#342
  • Total Supply100.000.000
  • Circ. Supply10.391.500
  • Market Cap$162.315.230
  • 24h Volume $46.523.300
OMNI Price
$ 1,9000

The Omni Network is a foundational blockchain that aims to consolidate Ethereum's rollup ecosystem into a cohesive platform. It allows developers to create universally accessible applications that automatically connect with Ethereum’s broad liquidity and user base.

OMNI, the principal token of the Omni Network, plays several critical roles within the system:
-Universal Gas Resource: OMNI is used to pay relayers who submit transactions to target rollups.
- Gas for Omni EVM: OMNI acts as the currency for transaction processing on the Omni EVM.
- Network Governance: Holders of OMNI take part in making key decisions, including protocol upgrades and the introduction of new features for developers.
- Staking: The Omni protocol employs a two-tier staking system to enhance economic security, which depends on the aggregate value of staked OMNI and re-staked ETH.

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