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Concern 1) How to apply blockchain platform into real business more easily and quickly?
Concern 2) How to standardize and distribute various data generated from different industries?
Concern 3) Why data owners (providers) do not receive benefits?
Concern 4) How to provide a more transparent and definite data usage history to data providers?
Concern 5) How to trade data between different industries and to create added value?

OASISBloc began with the above concerns and below is the core value of OASISBloc. OASISBloc is the first blockchainized data platform for trading useful data and value between real businesses.
Oasis is derived from the word “ouahe” which means residence in Egyptian. The word “oasis” is commonly referred to as “a pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult or hectic place or situation” which also has a meaning of a point connecting the route between destinations in desert.

OASISBloc is the starting point for connecting the above five concerns and it also means to be the “core” of the virtuous cycle structure. OASISBloc will create a new ecosystem by bringing companies together from various business area in OASISBloc to create synergy through the convergence of business and technology.
Companies doing their own businesses with different purposes can participate as Domain Chain or dApp service providers.