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BTC $10.224,08 -0.91% ETH $198,72 2.71% EOS $4,07 0.97% XLM $0,05884 -0.14% NEO $9,15 0.26% WAVES $1,05 -1.18%
Total Supply:100.000.000
Plattform :NEO
ICO Price:0.2221

Nodis (NODIS)

Nodis.io is a blockchain-based social marketing platform that aims at helping small local retailers (“SLR”) to create an interactive shopping experience both online and offline. Examples of this category of businesses include independent supermarkets, flower shops, fashion/beauty businesses, electronic outlets, art galleries/stores, restaurants, and et cetera.

Currently we have 2 Airdrops of Nodis listed.

Airdropname Status Bounty Tasks Created on
Nodis Round 2CLOSED16 NODIS