The NFT3 Labs airdrop is unfortunately over.
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NFT3 Labs Airdrop

  • Closed

DeData's NFT3 is a decentralized identity network that empowers users to establish a unified identity across all Web3 platforms. This allows for personal monetization opportunities. Users can generate DID-wrapped NFTs (NFT3s) to attach value to various aspects of their personal data journey.

NFT3 Labs has exciting news! The decentralized identity solution for Web3, NFT3 DID, is now live and available for you to claim.
With over 23.000 unique addresses already using it, you can take control of your ISME identity for free, invite friends and earn ISME tokens!

Update 22.01.2023:
If you have already participated in the airdrop, don't forget to complete the additional steps. (Step 4-8)

- ISMEToken
- Referral


NFT3 Labs (ISME) Update22 Jan, 2023

Step by step guide

Visit NFT3 Labs's Airdrop Page, click on "Create Now" and connect your wallet
We recommend Metamask or Phantom
Create your .isme domain, fill out your profile and connect your Twitter account to complete the process
Earn additional ISME tokens by inviting your friends to register for an ISME DID through your referral link. The more Web3 friends you refer, the more ISME tokens you will receive as a reward
Open the Eligibility Checker form and register with your details
Follow NFT3 Labs's X Page and retweet the mentioned tweet
Submit your details in the airdrop form
The official announcement can be found here



NFT3 Labs (ISME) Update22 Jan, 2023
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