Neutron (NTRN)
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  • Coingecko Rank#310
  • Total Supply999.84 million
  • Circ. Supply332.80 million
  • Market Cap$134.625.848
  • 24h Volume $5.886.260
NTRN Price
The Neutron airdrop is over and was distributed to the valid participants.
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Neutron Airdrop

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Neutron is an innovative blockchain network that integrates smart contracts into the family of Cosmos-based blockchains by leveraging the power of CosmWasm. By utilizing the IBC protocol, Neutron seamlessly collaborates with other networks in the ecosystem. The security and block validation of Neutron is ensured by the Cosmos Hub network through the cutting-edge Interchain Security mechanism.

Embrace the potential of Neutron as it bridges the gap between different blockchain networks and revolutionizes decentralized applications within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Neutron is airdropping a total of 70.000.000 NTRN tokens to ATOM stakers and accounts that voted on Prop 72.

40.000.000 NTRN tokens, or 4% of the total supply, will be allocated to accounts with over 1 ATOM staked on Block #12900000 (2022–11–19)
30.000.000 NTRN tokens, or 3% of the total supply, will be allocated to accounts that voted on Prop 72, regardless of their vote (Yes, No, Abstain, or NoWithVeto) and whether they voted directly or through their validator.

Please note:
Airdrop tokens are vested over 3 months after the end of the Launch Event. You can obtain early liquidity on your airdropped token by participating in the Lockdrop: for each token earn as a reward for participating in the Lockdrop, 1 airdropped token can be claimed without vesting.

for ATOMHolder
- Ratio
19th November 2022Snapshot

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Whoviandad007Whoviandad007 <p>Says it doesn't pay to people in the united States or any territory of the US.</p>
28 Jul, 2023, 23:58
Onkar singhOnkar singh I think this will the great project in future and who participate the project
29 Jun, 2023, 02:45