Nebula Protocol Airdrop

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Nebula is a protocol built on Terra that enables users to invest in narratives and strategies expressed through decentralized basket instruments called clusters. Clusters are smart contracts that manage a dynamic investment strategy.

Nebula Protocol is airdropping a total of 10.000.000 NEB tokens to LUNA stakers. 
Any address with LUNA staked to Terra’s validators as of block 7169420, excluding those in the top 5 by voting power at the snapshot height, will be able to claim their portion.

for LUNAHolder
- Ratio
Block 7169420Snapshot
OWN Blockchain

Step by step guide

Connect your Terra Wallet.
If eligible, you will be able to claim your NEB tokens.
From a delegator/staker perspective, users who stake with smaller validators with less voting power will receive more NEB per each LUNA.
The official announcement can be found here.
NEB Airdrop Validator spreadsheet can be found here.


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