Nebula clusters enable users to passively take part in an endless array of evolving narratives and algorithmic strategies by simply holding the cluster's token - a redeemable share of a cluster's underlying inventory. The flexibility offered by Nebula is designed to ensure that clusters can adapt and thrive in any market conditions and that users have the flexibility and ability to design and choose the specific options that best fit their needs.

The protocol opens a new universe of possibilities for decentralized dynamic investments: powerfully expressive, openly accessible, and fundamentally democratic. The protocol relies on community effort not only for operation but for direction and governance: resolutions by collaborative consensus that determine the shape of the protocol and its future trajectory.

Nebula is a project maintained and completely governed by its community of NEB token holders, who stake their tokens and gain voting privileges. Nebula is initially supported by its core development team, which oversees its path toward complete autonomy by the community. The Nebula team holds no admin keys.

Airdrops by Nebula Protocol