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MyWish provides semi-finished contract templates, offering the users to customize these contracts according to their needs. The whole idea of smart contracts implies the technological processes integration to financial management. The users choose themselves what conditions and variables to put to their contracts.

What makes MyWish special is that their company is making the technological advances available for everyone willing to integrate smart contracts into their lives.
Initially, the smart contract creation process is complicated due to the complex coding process, high costs, and the necessity to have expensive equipment. These are the problems and needs that MyWish is solving for their customers. MyWish has been proving its honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency within its operations and business processes from the point it was founded, in 2017. There have been over 15000 contracts created and deployed since then. Additionally, more than 300 other projects have used the MyWish platform to create their smart contracts. Additionally, MyWish is working together with such industry-leading partners. Moreover, MyWish participated and was awarded in the grant programs of respected projects such as Tron and Waves. All the business processes and operations conducted are stated in the regular reports on the company’s webpage as well as the company’s blogs on social media.

Apart from the business activities, MyWish is striving to promote technology awareness as well as educate people on the new opportunities of asset management automatization. MyWish company was invited to lecture a course related to blockchain technology at Saint Petersburg State University. MyWish developers train young students in blockchain programming.