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BTC $12.535,61 7.68% ETH $330,87 5.06% EOS $6,67 -6.94% XLM $0,12293 -0.56% NEO $18,80 -2.51% WAVES $2,14 -7.38%
Total Supply:
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Price:0.0013875


My Operating System (MyOS) is a community-led exchange that connects buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency on a user-friendly and feature rich-platform app. It has been designed to facilitate trading of a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens in a cost-effective manner.

The platform will eliminate the need to operate several unsecured web accounts, instead giving users all the tools they need in one secure portal, allowing them to buy, sell and use their crypto in a few clicks. This simple approach will be ideal for newcomers to the crypto world.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of MyOS listed.

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