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BTC $10.057,30 -0.35% ETH $185,68 -2.04% EOS $3,52 -3.65% XLM $0,07131 5.81% NEO $9,54 -5.06% WAVES $1,27 -2.53%
Mt Pelerin is a Swiss project to create the first bank to be fully built on blockchain in total compliance with regulations.

More than a crypto bank, Mt Pelerin will bring the legacy world of finance on the blockchain, and not the other way around. It aims to obtain relevant Swiss banking licenses in late 2019, a preliminary process started in early 2018 with the help of two of the Big Four firms and some of Switzerland's best banking lawyers.

Mt Pelerin is defining a protocol to use blockchains for banking services, and building a core banking system that tokenizes the entire bank's balance sheet. Its ambition is to shape the future of the way we bank, by democratizing complex financial products and services in a simple, transparent and cost-efficient way. At the same time, it aims to seamlessly bridge the crypto economy with traditional finance.
Total Supply:10.000.000
ICO Price:5 USD
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Token ? MPS Payout 2018-12-31 Proof 100% REAL!


MT Pelerin is doing a lottery. 6.5 ETH will be distributed to the winners. For each task you do you'll earn stakes. You can earn up to 11 stakes and 2 stakes per referral (must have completed all tasks)

1 ETH    - for the highest referrer
1 ETH    - for 3 lucky winners
0.2 ETH - for 5 lucky winners
0.1 ETH - for 15 lucky winners 

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