Mogul Productions (STARS)
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  • Total Supply400.000.000
  • Circ. Supply291.907.231
  • Market Cap$5.318.290
  • 24h Volume $426.495
The Mogul Productions airdrop is unfortunately over.
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Mogul Productions

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Mogul is a decentralized film financing platform that brings creators, fans, and film financiers together; allowing everyone to play a part in the next big blockbuster

Mogul is excited to announce, to our early community members, a unique early-adopter distribution program of STARS tokens through the Mogul platform.

To reward their early users, 200k STARS tokens will be distributed through a 6-day campaign.
The tokens will be distributed to 10.000 lucky users through a raffle system.
Each user that wins the raffle will be given 20 STARS.

STARS tokens will be delivered to the user’s Smart Wallet by April 20th. Users who have signed up to Mogul before the start of this campaign are also eligible for this campaign. If fewer than 10.000 users are eligible, then each participant will win!

200.000 STARSAllocated Token
- Referral System
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