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BTC $3.942,90 5.2% ETH $149,09 8.17% EOS $3,63 23.43% XLM $0,08582 6.4% NEO $8,99 6.31% WAVES $2,82 6.41%
The MOAC foundation (MOAC) has released a next generation blockchain platform. With a pioneering Multi-Blockchain architecture, MOAC not only addresses the performance and cost issues with existing blockchain systems, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also introduces new features that minimize the barrier to entry for developers, users, businesses, and the entirety of the blockchain ecosystem. The new platform achieves this by using a layered Multi-Blockchain architecture, blockchain sharding, MicroChain, Smart Contracts, and Cross-Chain capabilities.
Total Supply:151.205.864
Circ. Supply:62.463.334

CMC Rank:#85
Price:$0.6441639254 (0.00016328 BTC)
3.25% (24h) 21.22% (7d)
× MOAC has been distributed.
This airdrop has been distributed. If you face any issues, please get in contact with the project team.

Value $130.004,26 Token 100000 MOAC Proof 100% REAL!


MOAC is doing a Bounty Programm worth of 300,000$ MOAC. MOAC is allready tradeable on CoinBene and Bit-Z.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register on their Bounty Website
  2. Connect your Accounts on their Website and do daily tasks on Twitter and Telegram
  3. Super Bounties - Get extra points for additional tasks
    1. Make Youtube Videos for MOAC (min. 1 min)
    2. Connect to MOAC TP wallet
    3. Write Reddit articles for MOAC (min. 50 words)
    4. Subsribe to their Reddit Channel
    5. Write Facebook Articles
    6. Create meaningful content on reddit
    7. Write Medium articles for MOAC (min 500 words)
  4. Join AirdropBob Telegram & Twitter (optional)