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BTC $10.411,62 -1.32% ETH $219,35 -2.4% EOS $3,99 -3.59% XLM $0,08974 1.66% NEO $12,79 -0.33% WAVES $1,46 -3.52%
Total Supply:?
Plattform :ERC20
ICO Price:0.02

Midascaps (MDC)

A long-awaited project with backing from a government source. Portugal2020 has backed the MidasCap team because of its innovative and in production status. MidasCaps combines nutrition and activity to offer customers a new and healthier way to live.

Currently we have 1 Airdrops of Midascaps listed.

Airdropname Status Bounty Tasks Created on
MidascapsACTIVE300 MDC