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METALLIKA.inc is a global company focused on decentralizing the entire mineral mining lifecycle. With a highly experienced board and management team, Metallika is committed to maximizing value by acquiring, developing and operating a balanced portfolio of EV battery related mineral projects.

Metallika's innovative lean model, with its five directives, initiates the process that will help make mineral sourcing sustainable, ethical, and economically reasonable. Their motive is to produce only when the customer generates the needs. In this way, they can save minerals, time, and energy and waste less material.

They train their workers to work effectively, which leads the company to save raw materials like 3TG and cobalt. They finish the product with no errors with their effective and efficient performance. Metallika, in this best way, promotes responsible mineral sourcing as they only procure minerals when the customer demands a product. They are using a pull strategy to maintain responsible mineral sourcing as per the orders of the United Nations. Their supply chain only extracts and collects the natural minerals within the required amount. Metallika introduces practical innovations that benefit their own company, protect human rights laws, fulfill moral ethics, and protect environmental sustainability.