The Meta Lion Circle (MLC) has experienced considerable beneficial improvements since its inception in October by founder Sandro Ortolani. It has progressed from a simple idea to a groundbreaking and significant valuable concept.

It is undeniable that the NFT industry faces enormous challenges as a result of "rug pulls" and "cash grabs" occurring on a daily basis, causing a tremendous deal of negative press and damage to the entire environment of the NFT space. We acknowledged evident damage by affirming and reinforcing our unconditional commitment to transparency, traceability, and accountability.

Gérard Neiens, one of their primary associates, is a partner at Hogan Lovells, a globally operating legal firm ranked among the best. He advises and supports us, leading the way through all our legal steps, ensuring expert protection of the project, and consequently providing our community with an increased level of transparency, assurance, and trustworthiness.

Airdrops by Meta Lion Circle