The Meryt Foundation is the Genesis Decentralised Organisation (GDO) that aims to reinvent the way communities, investor groups, as well as individuals, track and manage digital assets by recognizing active participation through reputation and realigning incentives to collaborate. As the nucleus of the Meryt Protocol, the role of the Meryt Foundation is instrumental in determining the overall success of the ecosystem in its early stages.

The Meryt Foundation steers protocol development, putting proposals to a vote and reinforcing opinions that benefit active participants the most. The foundation guides the first iterations of the platform where DeFi applications are integrated, and investment strategies are shared, therefore allowing Thinkers to effortlessly track and manage their digital assets, cross-chain, and cross-application. With progressive decentralization in mind, the founders of Meryt are strong supporters of co-creation and distributed decision-making, and, hence, encourage the contribution of Builders in bringing the first iterations of the platform to market, supported by rewards, grants, and bounty hunts.

With the support of marketing initiatives, the foundation aims to educate people on the benefits of the Meryt Protocol to attract more DApp integrations, more investment strategies, more Curators, and ultimately more Thinkers to use the platform.