The minds behind 9GAG proudly introduce Memeland, a venture studio with a focus on web3. Their mission is to craft and support social platforms hand-in-hand with their community. They're bridging the gap between creators and their communities, fueled by imagination, MEME, and NFTs.

In 2008, when they launched 9GAG, they were green and inexperienced. Their journey led them to 500 Startups in 2011, securing initial funding and later joining Y Combinator in 2012. Their commitment never wavered. Fast forward a decade, and while they remain humble, 9GAG boasts a global reach of 200 million across multiple social channels.

Now, they're venturing into new horizons. Empowered by blockchain tech, they extend an invitation for you to co-create our next chapter. True to 9GAG's spirit, they aim to exceed expectations. The magnitude of Memeland's future is uncertain, but their dedication to it is unwavering.

Airdrops by Memeland